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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Shorty, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Shorty

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    Historically I have entered my 2 cents and thought I would drop off a few more pennies...

    I am in the market to replace the rear tires on mine. Years ago I thought I would try out something other than Michelin...went with Cooper. I made a BIG mistake. It went from driving itself to constantly correcting the wheel. Swapped out steer tires for Mich XZA2 275/70(bought at Sams, Beat everyone's price) and it almost went back to normal, could still feel the 'sway' in the rear...even at a full 120 psi in the Cooper Roadmasters
    Am about to go on a trip and will replace the rear...after picking myself off the ground with the price of new Michelins, I found if you are a FMCA member you can save some cases(depending on the dealer) $300/tire
    I am getting my new ones using the Michelin Advantage Program

    I have had great success with GY as well, but right now, my local dealer(I fish with him too) can't touch the deal I'm getting
    Just had to pass this on to you all.

    On another note, I may be silly, and I don't over load the coach, but I feel more secure when I 'over-tire' when I can. My coach calls for 255/80, I put on 255/70. little smaller but held more pounds.
    Front tire I went with what they sent back on the re-call in 2004 275/70 R22.5, and am very happy with the ride
    moving to 275 from 255 on the rear gave me a concern of width and if the dual would hit on the bubble. Best guess is it will be OK but to prove it, I will have the 275 mounted and check it out.

    Where am I going with this? ...glad you asked
    I came across a neat little tool that lets you compare 2 different tire sizes and give you the size, speed, height, width, revolutions etc... of the 2 tires. It was very helpful to me and I thought you all could use it as well
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    Thanks Shorty for the info. I had a problem with the GY that camping world installed on our MH. Found out after 2 blowouts they had installed to lite set of tires. Got with GY and they tried to get CW to help. Forget CW helping even thought it was their problem. GY did step up and help. New tires correct load rating for under 100 dollars mounted and balanced per tire. Thanks GY
  3. Shorty

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    Great to hear that GY stood behind their product even though it wasn't their fault.
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    Thanks for this information.

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