Need your I on the right track and questions?

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    Recently purchased 2010 KZ Sportsmen Classic, Model 14RK, 15' 10 " bumper to ball-coupler, leaf-springs, 13" wheels, electric brakes (with 7-way connector), GVWR 2700 lbs., 3" frame height, A-frame jack. More specs:

    Tow vehicle: 1997 Ford Explorer 4-door, 5.0 liter V-8, all wheel drive, transmission cooler (radiator-type) was factory installed with original tow package, recently changed all lubes to synthetic (transmission, transfer case, front / rear differentials, power-steering fluid, radiator coolant and thermostat, re-built upper / lower ball joints, new front shock absorbers), plan to replace all brake fluid, upon replacement of front brake pads. Electric brake controller: Tekonsha Primus IQ #90160.

    Class III Draw-Tite Round Tube hitch #75083, rated 600 lb tongue wgt / 6000 lb GVWR, with use of weight-distribution sway control.


    Reese #66024 Weight-Distribution 350 Mini Sway Controller (for light weight trailer applications)

    How will I obtain approximate 14" ball-height to maintain a level trailer during towing, with use of the weight-distribution hitch that plugs directly into the 2" receiver coupler of the Class III Draw-Tite ?? The Draw-Tite will mount just below the Ford's step-bumper (the bottom of step-bumper has a 17" height above ground level.

    Bewildered, :eek: John
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    RE: Need your I on the right track and questions?

    Thanks everyone for lookin'. I knew that the qq. might be difficult to answer sufficiently, so I sought expert help with Bob G. of "". Bob set me straight, with my TT having a tongue weight (TW) 270 to 405 lbs. (or 10% to 15% of 2700 Lbs. GTWR), Bob recommended the following:

    Reese #66152, High Performance Pro Series SC Trunnion Style Wgt. Dist. Kit, with Sway Control for 200 to 600 Lb. TW (utilizes tapered spring bars) + Convert-A-Ball Weight Distributing Shank - Cushioned #AMAC1 -- Shank can be used in the rise or drop position for the TT's lower than normal coupler height + 2" ball, with 1-1/4" dia. hole spacing. Sure a lot of specs. :eek:

    So, all I have to do is pay the $$ and move on down the road. Yet, I'm pleased there was an answer for my mix of problem.

    :) John
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    Re: Need your I on the right track and questions?

    go for it and have a Blessed day

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