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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by onthecoach, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. onthecoach

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    Hello All!!

    FYI- I read in the FMC Magazine that MD has a new law that went into effect in Dec 2007. This law requires that anyone who resides in the State of Maryland and drives a NON-COMMERCIAL vehicle of 26,000 lbs or more, must NOW have a Class B Non-Commercial driver's license. :(

    You must pass their written test, then you get a Leaner's Permit!

    Then, once you are ready, you must schedule the 'Road Test' which involves a pre-trip inspection of said vehicle and the road test.

    Of course, even though you may have been driving your motorhome with the formerly required Class C license for 15+ years, you are no longer allowed to drive your motorhome in the state of Maryland!! :angry: take the road test, you need to have someone with a Class B license drive the coach to the test site and, then be available to drive it home, in case one does not pass the road test!!! :eek:

    I will be living in MD for the next 9-10 months!!! Glad I now have a South Dakota Driver's License!!! ;)
  2. tallyo

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    Re: New Maryland Law

    Having lived in 8-9 states in my adult life; most of which required I get a valid drivers license and register my vehicles in that state within 30 days of purchasing property, renting and working.
    Having said all this do folks get away without complying with their laws, sure they do. But if you are going to live there for 9-10 months with out of state plates and drivers license you run the risk, so to speak.
  3. PattieAM

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    Re: New Maryland Law

    In reading the MVA information on their web-site: , "If you Currently hold one of these classes of licenses, you are not required to obtain the homothome/recreational vehicle restriction for the same class."

    (Class A non commercial , Class B non commercial, and Class C non commercial.)
  4. H2H1

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    Re: New Maryland Law

    Good info Pattie, although I don't live no where near Maryland I think it was important to let other know your finding. thanks again
  5. DL Rupper

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    Re: New Maryland Law

    Full-timers would go nuts changing drivers license's every time they stayed in a different state for over 30 days. If you are staying in an RV Park it is hard to prove you are not a temporary resident. Period. ;)
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    Re: New Maryland Law

    To me, this requirement is clear as mud....and since I don't have a motorhome, it does't affect me. But, I am under the impression that new licensees in MD will need this....but don't know how MVA will be comparing the registered RV's against the owners licenses.

    In reading some posts on another forum, (, I see where several states now have the requirement based upon weight. But still wonder if by their 'if you currently do not need....' they are 'grandfathering' in exisiting licenses?!?

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