NEW Mexico - Alamogordo to Roswell?

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by neeliec, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. neeliec

    neeliec Junior Member

    Asking those familiar with this part of New Mexico for comments/advice regarding driving from Alamogordo to Roswell. Google gives 2 suggested routes.

    #1 US-54 E/US-70 E to US-380 E

    #2 US-82 E to US-285 N to US-380 E

    The routes differ by only 20 miles and/or 30 minutes, so we are open to either choice. But since we are not familiar at all with this part of NM, we would appreciate some input as to any road conditions/issues to be aware of, etc. with either way.

    We will be traveling this area March 18 - 20. Thanks so much!

    Eileen in AZ
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    What will you be traveling in? #2 may be best if towing or in a MH. #1 is probably the best senic
  3. neeliec

    neeliec Junior Member

    Hi C Nash! We drive a 29' Class A gas, and tow a small toad. Thanks for the info! I thought some of the sections of the routes looked kind of "winding" on the map, so I appreiciate the heads up on that!

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