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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by kevinandheather, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Welcome Kevin and Heather! Our first experience with RVing was in a rented unit. Right away, we were hooked! It took a few years before we found a used Four Winds and we fell in love with it. We had little or no repairs for the first year and then minor things started to occur. After the 2nd year and 2 cross country trips, we traded our Four Winds in on a new RV. More things seem to have gone wrong on our new GreyHawk, than on our used RV. I agree with buying used for the first one, and I also agree with perhaps renting before purchasing. But keep in mind, an extended rental, such as a month, would be a nice down payment on your own RV or travel trailer, whether it be used or brand new.

    I totally agree with Alabama Sweetpea, if you are buying new, look for closeouts or inventory reduction sales to get the best deal.


    Don't rush into it though. Research before you sign!

    Thanks for the great post. We all love giving advice as you can see! ;)

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