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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by oasisrvresort, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. oasisrvresort

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    Hello all,

    We are a new RV resort in the panhandle of Texas, and were wanting to host a rally. We are definatly "Big Rig" friendly, have propane and RV Techs on hand. Our Rally Room can accomadate large groups. Does anyone know of any clubs that haven't booked their rallies yet? We would love to talk to them and give them a great deal.
  2. C Nash

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    Re: New RV Reort

    What about just offering us campers a super deal. Then again you might want to be a sponser of RVUSA. Maybe just offer some free advice. Now lets see if this will just be a single poster seeking free ads
  3. oasisrvresort

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    Re: New RV Resort

    We will absolutly offer single campers some great deals. If you are in the area, off Interstate 40, then give us a call. Our website in check us out!!!
  4. try2findus

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    Re: New RV Reort

    Oasis RV Resort is one of our most favorite RV Resorts in the country. We have ranted about how great this place is already on this forum several times. DH and I visit Oasis RV Resort yearly and plan our route through that part of the west, to put us on I-40 in Amarillo. Each time we stay, we find the great things about this place, are even greater!

    The first time we pulled in late one evening a few years ago, I commented that I doubted we could afford such an awesome place to stay and was floored when we were charged $20.00 for our Class C. Included lighted, level concrete pad, with landscaping, Internet, Satellite TV, 2 hot tubs and 1 large pool, huge game room just to name a few of the things this place has going for it.

    For what it is worth, DH and I highly recommend Oasis RV Resort.

    The readers and supporters of this forum would love for Oasis RV Resort to advertise here to help keep our site running. They could click on your link and find out all of the wonderful amenities offered year round and the spectacular prices for the sites. :)

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