New RV travel, looking for ideas for our first trip..:)

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by RVthereYet?, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. RVthereYet?

    RVthereYet? Junior Member

    Any recommendations for our first RV trip from phoenix AZ to Seattle? We want to go to Napa for a few days. We just got a Tiffin 36 ft Allegro Red class A. Taking our 2 small dogs...:). Any pointers for newbies?? We are also getting ideas for a "Toad"..thank you for any advice!!
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    For the first trip I would do atrial run close to home. Is the Allegro a new rv? Always check air pressure in tires before each trip and daily during trip. If use MH check age of tires. Toad some Saturns, jeeps, Honda civivs. A lot of G products can be towed 4 down. I like to tow 4 down over dolly. Need breaking system on toad or dolly.
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    I would stick to I-5 as you go, Kitfox RV park then Rolling hills casino then 7-feathers casino all have good pull throughs with food if eating out.. And if your going to sight see give us a time frame for travel. There is a bunch to see on the way. Toads are "what do you do" Stay on good roads about any towable car will do. If a real sight finder go everywhere, from honda 4x4 to a top of the line Jeep 4x4 to really get off road and of course BUDGET.

  4. Bmcgoo

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    I like to see where I am going before I go there. I like the mobilerving website because I can use a route planner and see what is along the way, I usually can hit 400 miles on a good day. Anyway, I can see pictures or videos once I choose some options, Personally, I like the Salt Lake City KOA if you are going that way.
  5. ElisaDikens

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    This looks something pretty much great to try. It makes me feel really nice trying something like this. I am sure that everyone will get so much positive stuff to learn from this. I completely really like to try things like this from always. So this will be great for me to explore anything like this again and soon or sure.

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