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    We are thinking of getting a 5th wheel camper. Is there a site that can help you with the important things to stock it up with?
    I undstand the bathroom stuff,and kitchen things. Just was told there is a whole lot of other things needed also?
    Any help would be greatly appericated.
  2. Triple E

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    Re: new to camping

    Tire gauge, Air Compressor, Hydraulic Jack, Flairs, your tool pouch, DVM and what ever makes the wife happy. ;) A jug of moon shine can help, sometimes. :laugh:

  3. Kirk

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    Re: new to camping

    A white fresh water hose, and I suggest that you add a water filter in that connection. You should also always use a water pressure regulator as some city systems can far exceed the pressures acceptable for your RV. You will need a sewer hose to connect or to empty the holding tanks. If it doesn't have one, consider getting a waste tank flush system. It is also helpful to carry a set of "dog-bone" electrical adapters. If your RV is a 30A RV then you need one to convert up to a 50A outlet and one to connect to a 15/20A outlet if that is all that is available. If you buy a 50A RV you will also need an adapter to connect the 50A cord to a 30A outlet.

    You will need leveling blocks for leveling side to side as you can level front to back with the landing legs. If the RV does not come with stabilizers, you will want to carry some type to keep things from rocking when moving about inside. You should plan to carry some basic hand tools, depending upon what your skill set is. A jack to change a tire is good, and is usually included, but check to be sure. A mat for use under the awning is a very nice thing to have. Toilet chemicals are really not needed if you empty tanks properly, but if you feel that you must use them, select one that is either enzymes or bacterial and not the chemical ones.

    For toilet paper, buy one that is labeled septic system safe. Some gloves for protecting your hands while setting up and taking down are nice to have and also some disposable plastic ones for dumping the waste tanks or connecting the sewer hose. You should keep some means to sanitize the water hydrant before you connect your hose to it.

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