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    probably didn't spell that right.
    Just bought a '99 Allegro 28WB with dual rear wheels.
    I popped off the chrome covers and don't see an air valve to check/add air.
    There is a hole about 1/2" dia. not sure what that is.
    How do I check air pressure ?
  2. Triple E

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    Re: new to duallies

    Go down to your local tire shop and have them add an extension to your inner wheels. Use the highest quality extension on the market. This is one place you do not want to cut corners on.
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    Re: new to duallies

    Amen to what Steve said. I went to our local RV shop and bought 10" braided steel extensions for my rear duals. Extensions also come in solid steel tube, but you may have to go to a big truck (read that semi) tire shop to find them and have them installed. Good luck with it. Post back and let us know how you do. :) :)

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