New to RV - 2004 Terry Quantam AX6 - 38' Fifth Wheel

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by heavyheart50, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. heavyheart50

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    Okay, I am at a new park and they have access to local TV channels for free........they have the (plug-in for the tv cable) at the pedestal with electric and water........I have that plugged up there, then there are two connections on the side of the blank cover and one cover that says DSS......don't know which one to use? Also, do I need my antenna up on the roof raised up as well?

    Then inside I have two wall plates (white) with cable plug ins that have the same name as the antenna on the roof with a little black button you can push in or out, is this the jack I need to connect to the TV back and does the button go in or out......I have tried several routes so far and all I get is snow on the TV, it looks like trying to come in but not in........

    Am I missing another button, switch or something else somewhere else in the RV to turn on to make this work? I hate to sound blonde, I couldn't find anything in my book........

    It has built in Panansonic TV with CD/DVD/Surround Sound Equipment as well already hooked to TV. DVD/CD player works great with TV no issues there.......just can't get regular TV to come in......
  2. Triple E

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    Without being there to see what all you have I can't be much help. I am sure someone on here will be though. The black button you are talking about may be the signal boost switch. Are you sit up for digital TV. If you are hooked up to the campground cable, then no, you should not have to use your antenna. Have you asked the campground manager for any help? I Think DSS is for Digital Satalite Service. However I could just be blowing smoke. lol

    Welcome to RVUSA. :applause: Please return and let us know if you have it all figured out.
  3. heavyheart50

    heavyheart50 Junior Member

    Thanks, that was my next step to ask the RV park Manager.....I checked everything again when I got home and I just don't see why it won't work, so going to Manager tomorrow when I get home from work......thanks again, will let you know what happens next!
  4. LEN

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    you may have to go into your tv itself and change from antenna to cable I do on mine, also your may have to have the tv scan for channels.


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