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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by trell, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. trell

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    wife and I have never had a camper of any kind.We bought a o2 Georgetown V10 with slide outs 33'. We want to travel for a couple mo. then come home for a month then out again for up to 3 to 4 then home, I think you kinda get what we are doing.If we like to do this we will buy a new m/h in 2014. Is this motorhome ok for now to do what we what we want? Can we pull a 2011 kia soul with it? we are only looking at going 300/400 mile at a time then stopping for some time here and there.The home is like new low miles and we got a warranty. I'm a little afraid this won't go well. We have travel everywhere on a motorcycle and stayed at resort or motels. Thinking of way to calm my fears we are in our 60's and want to see alot of USA for more than a day or two. Want stay a couple of wk at each location we visit. WHAT is the most important thing for us to do or not to do? THANK YU'ALL
  2. C Nash

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    Is the Kia towable 4 down or will you be using dolly. Check the owner manual. As far as will the V10 tow it? No problem. keep the MH serviced and if the tires have never been replaced they are due regardless of tread left. What is your budget for staying on the road? Check into getting the Senior age pass for National Parks. Gets you in free and camping is half price. COE cgs also honor the pass with half price camping and most are nice parks but may be off the beaten path. The pass onal cost 10 dollars and is good for lifetime. Have to be 62 yr young. Good luck and watch for us on the road.
  3. JamesTheMan

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    Definitely make sure the tires are in the correct condition for towing you don't want to be on bald or wiring tires. Like he said, pulling your car shouldn't be a problem at all considering it is a medium to small vehicle.
  4. Philip.Saran

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    You can also look into a rear MH hitch that would allow you to also take your
    motorcycle with you too.
  5. LEN

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    You are planing exactly what we do in the winter by snow birding it. Biggest thing is relax give the pardner space as you will be trapped together. We do as much as 300 miles on a move and as little as 50 depending on area and things to do and see. Go slow and relax there is time to get there heck you have your home with you. If something happens relax take a breath relax now handle it. We do part time boondocking and part time resort, state parks or ???. We eat out more than we should and then and again just sit and relax. You will find lots of activities at some CG's and others that are just a place to stay, but all seem to have friendly people.

  6. H2H1

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    Len, that was some good advice, take your time and relax and most important enjoy it.
  7. C Nash

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    That's what we are doing relaxing and then going to Fried Green Tomatos for lunch. Life is good

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