New to RVing PDI Questions...

Discussion in 'Towables' started by enwot, Jul 8, 2009.

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    Help! This is our first RV - a 5th Wheel

    We have our Pre-Delivery Inspection this Saturday. Our unit is a 2008 CITATION PLATINUM 38RLQS 5th Wheel.

    Since this is our first RV, we are looking for any advise or help on what we should be looking out for, while doing our PDI, are there things that would seem obvious to you seasoned RV owners that us first timers might miss?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    J & K
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    RE: New to RVing PDI Questions...

    well first off welcome
    i would make sure that the salesperson shows u how everything works ,, and shows u how to hook up the electical,, sewer ,, water ,, and such ,, but don't let him just tell u ,, make him show u first hand ,, and then have them plug in the 5er ,, and u u'r self ,, and the salesperson ,, ck out the refer ,, and all other electrical stuff ,, and also ,, have them put water in the on board tank ,,and u and the salesperson ,, ck out all the fuacets ,,, and also ck out how to light the water heater ,, agian have the salesperson show u how ,, and the most important ,, make sure they give u all the manuals ,, on the appliances ,, and the rv it self ,, :approve:
    The reason i said have the salesperson show u ,, is because ,, u would not believe the number of sales persons ,, that do not have clue about how to actually hookup and use the rv ,, if u get one that can and does ,, i got a good dealer ,, but JMO :) :)
    Another thing ,, ck all the drawers in the cabinets ,, and look behind the drawers ,, for carpet pieces ,, and wood shavings ,, they only clean what can be seen at the factory ,, if u find any of these ,, have the dealer clean it ALL :approve:
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    Re: New to RVing PDI Questions...

    If you were buying a new home, treat this the same way you have a house on wheels accept you have a few more systems. Go around with blue painters tape and put it on anything that does not look right. Then test every system water, faucets, pump, drains, toilet, since its fresh water you can test the gray and black tanks and dump on the ground or at a grain. Test furnace, AC, hot water(both gas and electric) radios, tvs, microwave,bunks, beds, lights plugged in and off batteries, generator(and again all electric). Check each window, vent door and lock. Make sure they show you every system and how to run it. And do a video of the walk through, it's amazing how one can forget in a day or so. Don't be afraid to ask a "dumb"(there are none) question it's your dollar they are on.
    Good luck!

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    Re: New to RVing PDI Questions...

    Do not take delivery untill everything has been taken care of. Hold the check until it's ready to go. If something has to be fixed get it in writing that it will be done. Congrats on the new rv. Keep us posted and welcome to the forum
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    Re: New to RVing PDI Questions...

    welcome, and good advice from all, I also agree with Len, make a video of everything, and no final payment check untill all is fixed. If he is in a rush, remind him that his time is your time. YOU are in control, not the person who is showing you what is what. Enjoy and good travels.

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