New to RVing-want to rent first

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by martydog, Jul 12, 2009.

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    We are very new to this and have a couple of questions we hope you can guide us through. we live in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in the Class C models. Our questions are as follows:
    1. If renting for 3 nights and taking into consideration mileage charges on rentals where would you suggestion for the first travel destination?
    2. Does anyone have tips or suggestions as to where to rent the RV?

    thanks from newbies
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    Re: New to RVing-want to rent first

    Carol, welcome to the forum!

    If I were going somewhere for only 3 nights, I wouldn't go through all of the effort it takes to rent and camp in an RV. It's also much cheaper to stay in motels for that short of a stay.

    Whoever it is that has to setup and takedown the RV at a campground will enjoy the trip more, too.

    If you'll use the 'Search' button in the upper left, you will find quite a few posts about renting an RV.
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    Re: New to RVing-want to rent first


    Originally hail from around New Kensington (Markle). If you are thinking of eventually buying I applaud your idea on renting first. Lot of money to plunk down to find out you absolutely hate the life style. Pittsburgh is rather sparse on campgrounds other than a couple of KOA's. Whenever we make the run back up to the area we have found Kozy Rest Kampground in Harrisville to be the best. Well run, clean, awesome hosts etc. Short drive up 79 get off at Grove City or 356 up through Butler. Have no idea on where to rent in that locale.

    Fly Navy
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