new to the RV world have a few questions

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by bknowles202, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I am new to The RV world. I am looking to buy a starter Bumper pull. I want something in the 24-28 foot range. I have a 2wd chevy pickup. Short wheel base. 1/2 ton Is this enough truck for a camper this size? And if so what type of hitch do I have to have? I currently have just a standard 2" hitch for pulling a boat now. I understand I need a equalizing /stabilizing hitch to prevent sway. Is it necc to get a whole new hitch or can you buy a slide in bar to get what I need? Thanks in advance.Any Info would be great. :question:
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    RE: new to the RV world have a few questions

    Regarding your truck, you need to consult the gross weight you can pull. Should be in your manual or on a sticker/label on the driver's door. You are going to need a Class III/IV 2" receiver/hitch on your truck. You definitely need a sway/weight distibution system to pull a 24'-28' trailer. We have a 20' Norris, 2500 lbs. dry weight and always used a Reese sway control system. And yes, it is a whole new hitch system. Google: Reese hitch systems. You may be able to buy a used system on eBay or craigslist. Good luck. :cool:

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