New travel trailer - electrical brake concerns

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Joan, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Joan

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    Help! We recently purchased a brand new Trail-lite Model 7212 (21 ft) travel trailer equiped with electric brakes. Is it normal for the brakes to make a high pitch humming sound when the brake pedal is pressed? Also the brakes make a clunking sound each time the brake pedal is pressed while backing up and there is a also a slight electrical burning smell. We contacted the dealership to find answers to our concerns. The dealership said all of these conditions are normal on the model we purchased due to the electrical brake system, and the electrical smell is part of the break in process. Is all this normal???

    Chris & Joan
  2. Gary B

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    New travel trailer - electrical brake concerns

    Hi Joan, your brakes are electric which means they have an electrol magnet in each wheel / brake assy. When you apply the brakes the magnets are energized, causing the hum, the clumking sound is the magnets attaching themselves to the wheel assy to apply the brakes, I am not sure about the electric burning smell, are holding the brakes on for a length of time? Your not using them as park brakes? I hope not, these brakes are for monmentary use, not parking. On second though since this is a new trailer you could be smelling the new brake linings breaking in. Good luck :)

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