New/Used 5th wheel.

Discussion in 'Towables' started by krsmitty, Aug 2, 2009.

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    I also am in the market for a new/used 5th wheel. Several questions for the group; 1. For a used one, how old is to old? Had a salesperson tell me that 10 years old would be the max in their opinion. 2. Are there any particular brands/models to absolutely stay away from? 3. Any difference other than looks between the smooth gel exteriors and the aluminum siding type (not sure of the correct terminology for either)?

    Thanks, Ken
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    Re: New/Used 5th wheel.

    How old is to old is a personel opnion IMO. If I'm buying used I like to stay around 3 years but have bought some older Airstreams that were great. Do a search on brands and then make up your own mind. Talk to owners but remember we owners tend to think ours is best. The smooth gel is better insulation IMO but can seperaye and be expensive to repair. Aluminium dents easy but cheaper to repair. Both are easy to clean. I would not let either be a deal breaker. AJMO

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