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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rjallan, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Looking for a little insight from the many experienced RV'rs out there. We're looking at our first RV (leaning toward a 5th W) and the choices quite frankly are daunting. To help, a little background; we are mid 50's couple with 2 - 75lb dogs looking to spend anywhere from 1 week to several months at a time on the road. We don't anticipate staying in any one spot too long and hope to do our share of boon-docking along with stays in parks throughout Canada and USA and possibly Mexico. (We are avid sailors and lover to gunk-hole in the summer months).

    We are looking at a couple of units locally that have caught our interest. One, a 2008 Jayco Eagle 341RLQS offers a ton of storage, nice kitchen layout with counter space (DW loves to cook) and the potential of adding a washer unit. It's heavy (dry weight 11,340 & GVW 14,500), long (37.4), appears to be well constructed. The Jayco is equipped with a 50A cable. The other unit is a new 2012 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite Diamond Series Model8289WS (dry weight 7,793 & GVW 9,350 with a length of 31.2. Similar style layout with island kitchen, not as much cupboard/storage space and likely no room for DW's washer unit. The Rockwood is equipped with a 30A cable.

    Towing will be either a 2007 Ford F250 Diesel 6.0 with long box or 2004 GMC 2500 with Duramax Diesel engine and 6.4 box (again more decisions)

    The Jayco unit is very clean (1 owner - they traded in for a newer Jayco with an Artic pkg) and priced about $ 6,000 less than the new 2012 Rockwood.

    Am I comparing Apples and Oranges here? I like the features of the Jayco and the lower price but the weight and length concern me a little bit. On the Rockwood, a higher price but brand new with warranty however will the lighter weight construction stand up over time and usage? Is there anything I am not looking at or should be considering that I've not mentioned. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.
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    Check your tow rig size, think you will need a 3500 or 350 also think 4x4 for boondocking. Also think about a gen either built in or portables like 2 Honda 2000 in paralel that way on light duty, run 0ne and on heavy run both. A propane gen uses too much fuel and you have to move the RV to fill the tank.

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    In my opinion, the Jayco is a much better trailer than the Rockwood. If you get that, you will certainly need the warranty....but read up of FR before you buy.

    The GM Duramax is a lot better engine than the 6.0 Ford. Read about them too!!
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    Cummins :triumphant:

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