Newbie, advice welcome....

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by kvtwa, Oct 26, 2010.

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    I am an extremely green horned newbie here.... Please be patient with my questions and requests.

    Just received a 1976 Dodge RV Class C. I have no idea of what I just got myself into :( , so I am asking for some major advice. :approve:

    I do think it has been siting awhile, I found a hornet's nest in the propane valve area. And yes, it did come with live hornets :dead: .

    Major question: I have noticed that the previous owner had removed the A/C belt from the engine block. Is it safe to drive without it?

    I have just ordered online a repair & maintance book. Are there other books that you would recommed, that I should get?

    I do know that it has a refrigerator, stove, some furniture, a generator and a fire extinguisher. What other RV equipment should there be? Is there any web sites that have charts/Lists?

    Any honest advice would be extremely welcome at this time. Thank you.
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    Re: Newbie, advice welcome....

    Welcome kvtwa! Congratulations on your purchase! We love our Class C. I think you have made a good decision to purchase a repair and maintenance manual. That should get you going. I would also make sure you have a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and an LP gas detector. Those are 3 must haves in addition to your fire extinguisher. Make sure you have a good discharge hose for your grey and black tanks and we also think our tire valve extenders were a great purchase.

    In 2006 we were really green newbies and now, 4 years later, we are just newbies! :laugh:
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    Re: Newbie, advice welcome....

    Welcome to the forum Karen.
    I am guessing that the AC compressor is locked up is the reason the belt has been removed. It's ok to run with it off as long as it only drives the AC. Some run it around the fan with a double pulley. If it like this it can cause slipage on the other belt.

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