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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Chuck32, Feb 9, 2010.

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    first am new to rving just purchased a 04 keystone springdale clearwater editon 25 ft it was a one owner only it used afew times after I got it home and was packing up for or first trip it was hot in the camper so went to plug a small fan in and no power at the outlet then check all other outlets no power at any of them checked reset on the gfci in the batroom still nothing check all breakers that I know of all where good contacted the fromer owner and he told me he used the camper 2 weeks before and all outlets worked call a electricion friend of mine he check reset and breakers then 4 of the plugs started working one the bathroom, kitchen, under the table and the one outside my friend all outslet where showing power but three still will not work anyone have idea way other three will not power anything HELP plus I have a portable generator 3500 watt max 3000 watt continuous power it was a 120/240 25 amp 4 way plug is this generator big enough to run the camer ac is 15,000 btu with a 1000 watt microwave. convection oven I know I know not beable to can run them both at the same time Thank you
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    Re: Newbie electrical help

    Chuck, the way you wrote that almost fries my brain ...

    Your best bet is to help your electrician friend troubleshoot the problem.
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    Re: Newbie electrical help

    Chuck, I am a 35 year RVer and an electrician, and will try and help if I can figure out what it is that you are saying. A few capital letters, some periods and such to break up that one very long sentence might help.

    Rather that attempt to figure out just what you have and what you don't, I'll make a few suggestions. Is it safe to assume that you have the power plug connected to shore power to supply 120V-AC since the batteries can only supply 12V-dc power. Your lights operate on 12V power.

    You probably have a 30A cord, but if you are not sure, you can tell as 30A plug has three pins and a 50A cord has four. Either one will require an adapter to connect to the outlets at our house but it should supply enough for lights and such.

    You most likely have only one circuit for your 120V outlets but there might be two. The circuit breakers for 120V power if tripped must be fully opened and then closed in order to reset them. If you do not open them first, when tripped they will not close.

    The other part of this is, do you and an inverter in your RV? If you do, you may have some outlets with 120V power when operating from the battery, but probably not all of them. A bit more information would help to give you better information.
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    Re: Newbie electrical help

    Thank you Kirk yes the camper is pluged into a 120-ac shore land and yes is a 30 amp plug and conneted with a15-30 amp adapter there two circuit breakers one is for the kitchen and bathroom outlets the othes is for the bedroom outlets and have fully open and closed them many times neither was tripped two of the three in the kitchen or working now one for the tv does not work and none in the bedroom work a electrican check all outlets with some kind of meter he said all was showing power and he did tell me he did not know about rv wiring he could be some kind of ground issue and have no inverter hope this helps once again Thank you
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    Re: Newbie electrical help

    way to go Kirk,

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