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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Relaxin, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Hello Folks, I've read some of the other threads and this seems to be a nice friendly site. My wife and I are not currently owners of a RV but have been looking for awhile. We are both retired Marines and work for Civil Service. We both are avid motorcycle riders, enjoy traveling, and always ride the motorcycles when we travel. As we get 'older' the rides take a bigger toll on the body so we're looking at RV'ing to our destination with bikes in tow. We've thought about the Toy Hauler trailers but would have to invest in a bigger truck to pull the trailer we want sooo we started leaning towards a class 'c'. We seem to lose a lot of living space with the class 'c' toy haulers so we've narrowed it down to the class 'c' with a minimum size bike trailer.
    None of this is etched in stone and that's the main reason I am here. I would really like some input about the different class'c's or any info you guys could provide. Thanks....
    See ya there,
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    Re: Newbie from Eastern NC

    Hi Jerry and welcome, yes you are right, this is one of the friendliest forum you will find. If you and your wife doesn't require much room, then I would suggest a small or medium Class C and a very good bike trailer. This will allow you the easy of driving and the convenience of taking your bikes with you. I am also a retired Civil service retired from the Federal Fire Service, SO GOOD LUCK on your decision.
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    Re: Newbie from Eastern NC

    Welcome to the forum. I am guessing the bikes are light enough that the limited tow capacity of a class C won't come in to play, but be sure you check out the tow ratings on any rig-to-be. I have an older class C on an E-350 chassis and it is not rated to pull much more than an aluminum fishing boat. I would suggest getting a class C with an island queen in the rear. After a day of playing on your bikes, you may not want to climb up to the cab over bunk or climb over each other to get in a corner bed. I would look at Craigslist and eBay for units close by and just start going to look at some. Imagine coming off of the road after a great day and settling in for the night. Where will you put your beverage while you are watching TV? Where will you sit? Where will the TV be? What if one of you tends to stay up later than the other? It might even be worth renting a unit for a couple of nights.

    Have fun!
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    Re: Newbie from Eastern NC

    Hey Jery, welcome to the forum. Semper Fi. Don't overlook a smaller gas engine Class A. Sometimes you can get them at about the same price as a larger Class C. It would be set up to tow a heavier trailer. Good luck.
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    Re: Newbie from Eastern NC

    Welcome Jerry. I had a class 'C' for many years and towed my boat around with it also. We out grew it years before we were able to buy a class 'A' (gas). The class A, has plenty of towing power, (and braking) and much more storage. Sooner than later, we would like to also get a trailer for towing our motorcycle. Good luck in your research.
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    Re: Newbie from Eastern NC

    Well welcome to the forum Jerry. Good luck on your plans and may they all be great trips.

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