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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Daryl, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Daryl

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    Just recently retired... thinking about spending some time ( perhaps a year or two) traveling in the RV world. BUT before anything is done, I need some basic information...please. Where could I go to find facts on best type of RV for myself and traveling companions (dogs), is there a way to gestimate weekly or monthly expenditures, are there areas of the U.S. that are "RV friendly" or not "RV friendly". How do I decide what type of vehicle I need, or which is the most economical at this time? What are some of the restrictions that I may run into? I realize that a lot depends on the type of motor home, where I head, and how long I stay, but like I said I am just in the beginning stages of interest and don't really know where to start looking. I know that gas prices are going out of sight, but I would like to lay some groundwork. If anyone out there can help, I would greatly appreciate you sharing your experience. :) Thanks
  2. DL Rupper

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    Newbie... Questions

    Hey Daryl, welcome to the forum. Most of your questions can be answered if you take the time to read many of the postings past and present. Most of the questions have been answered in detail and all it takes is a little research.
  3. Kirk

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    Newbie... Questions

    The best place to start is to get one or two of the many good books on the subject of fulltime RV life and read it. They will explain to you just what is involved in becoming an RV resident and even get you started in a choice of where to call your home base and how to do it. If you go to you can find several good ones. I suggest the package that is the book "Full-time RVing" and also "Choosing a Home Base." It is a good buy and the two books will go a long way toward answering many of your question. To get your information here is not a bad thing, but it will take a very long time and you will very likely overlook some important subjects. Once you have read these books we will be able to give much better advice.

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