Newbie - several questions

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    Hopefully I found a place to seek assistance with this RV ownership and maintenance thing. I'll start in order of importance... I have a '96 London Aire 40' Cummins, and have a power issue (among other things). New problem, the "in use" button (opposite of "store) won't power up the coach. I assume it is the cause because the other issue is it won't buildup more than about 30 pounds air pressure. I can't even release the brakes to take it to get repaired. I think the air building but bleeding off what I assume is the dryer. I guess that it takes power to operate and the power is the root cause. Anybody experience something like this?

    Sylenoid in the power cord compartment? Switch above the door (use/store switch)? Any info appreciated. Thanks -
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    Re: Newbie - several questions

    First are the batteries charged, the sylenoid needs power to switch. And they do go bad, you can have someone run the switch and listen to it and see if it does the clunk or jumper it or measure voltage on each side. You have most likely an air leak somewhere and need to find it(Soapy water in a spray bottle or just listening. Specs say the air should be up in a couple minutes so there is lots of air loose. If your getting the airdryer to pop either you have pressure for the popoff or a bad popoff valve or a bad air sensor.


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