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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by sissytd, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Hello everyone! My family has just been offered a campground host position at a USFS campgroud. We are truly excited!! We have so many questions about how to be a good host and we wondered if some of you could provide us with some good examples, stories, words of wisdom, etc. Our family consists of myself, my husband (who has a full time job about an hour away from campground) and our 2 boys, ages 9 and 12, and our dog. The boys and I will take our trailer and stay there most of the time, and hubby will come as often as he can. He already travels 20 minutes to get to our home, so what's another 40 when he can have the forests as his back yard this summer!! :) We need to clean the bathrooms and keep the campsites clean. 5 bathrooms and 21 campsites. Close to this campground is a favorite atv riding area. I am told that while most of the riders dry camp close to the trails, some will camp in the campground. The biggest problem with that is the desire of many to use the campground as trails also. The ranger said mostly when adults are busy and the kids need a babysitter, thus they use their atv's. So I am looking for ideas to help this to not be a problem. Such as activities that might keep the kids busy with other appropriate activities. Also, how do you take care of people who are disturbing the peace for others during quiet times?

    Any ideas and thoughts are very welcome and would be helpful to our new adventure!
    Thank you!
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    RE: Newbie to Campground Host position

    Sounds like a great summer for your boys.Atvs and riders = a good first aid kit on hand Others may add extra.

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    Re: Newbie to Campground Host position

    Be cordial, upfront and honest with your campers. Remind them about quite times and offer assistance via area sites to see, places to go and then remind them about quite hours. Since you're locals then you have the advantage, you know the best places to eat, visit, shop, etc.. Let them know you and your DH welcome questions. Then remind them of quite hours, be seen, if the rowdy folks see you around they are less likely to act up. After dark have DH the dog or your kids with you.
    Have fun!
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    Re: Newbie to Campground Host position

    Thank you for your replies! I hadn't thought about a 1st aid kit. I will make sure we have a good one well stocked. Good idea about being visual too!

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