Newbie with Trail Lite Questions!

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by KarenS144, Mar 25, 2010.

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    My husband & I are just about to sign on the dotted line for an '04 Trail Lite 213. It has less than 4000 miles on it and has been sitting long enough to dry rot the tires. We were told there was a cover for it but we don't think it was kept in a building.

    Because it hasn't been used, should we be concerned about the hoses and plumbing?

    What if anything should we check on the roof?

    What else should we consider?

    Any advice & suggestions would be appreciated. This is our first RV and it's taken a LOT of carefully worded discussions to get my hubby to think it was his idea. ;)
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    Re: Newbie with Trail Lite Questions!

    Hello Karen and welcome to the best RV forum on the web. Ok, fill the water tank with some water. Run the pump and check for water leaks. Make sure your holding tanks are CLEAN and drain well. Look around the edges where the wall and ceiling come together, around the A/C, and windows for any water stains. Feel the inside and outside walls for buckling or for dry rot. Check the engine as well as the transmission oil for a burnt smell or water in the oils, if so, run like hell. Check all engine belts. Turn on the propane, smell for leaks, run the refer, hot water tank and stove. If you have a generator run it and make sure all 120 volt components are working. Plug into shore power and do the same. Check all 12 volts components as well. How are the batteries, coach and chassis? Check the drive train for proper lubrication. Walk the roof and look for any damage. Have the mice been living in it for the last couple of years?
    Well Karen, I am sure I am missing something but this is a good start. Hope all is ok with it. Enjoy. :)

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    Re: Newbie with Trail Lite Questions!

    Karen, you could be looking at major problems if you don't look carefully. Don't assume that anything works. Steve made a very good list for you.

    Remember that you will have to pay to have anything not working fixed. Most stuff that doesn't work will be hiding from you now. Was it stored in a field? There might be rodents nesting in the structure.

    Look VERY carefully at the structure inside and outside. Time makes the sealant in joints dry out and shrink. Stains on carpet or ceiling mean LEAKS. Leaks mean rotting of wood or other components. That is almost impossible to get repaired inexpensively.

    Count on replacing all the tires at $400 per tire.

    Look that model up in NADA (do not consider options). Consider not paying more than half of that if everything works.

    Don't ASS.U.ME they are telling you the whole truth about why that has been sitting up for 6 years.
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    Re: Newbie with Trail Lite Questions!

    Agree with others. New batteries, new tires, change all fluids(engine, radiator,rear end, brake(rust on brakes)) may need new wheel bearings (front end) are all a consideration. Awning's maybe rotted. I would think a professional inspection for a couple hundred would be a very good investment.
    Good luck!!

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    Re: Newbie with Trail Lite Questions!

    Thanks for the welcome & advice.

    The dealer is replacing the tires & awning, putting a 5000lb hitch on & checking & replacing hoses if needed. The generator did start and while rough at first, smoothed out but will be checked out & tuned up. It only has 11 hours on it. We saw no signs of leaks or mice and I was looking for both. I believe my hubby mentioned having the fluids changed but will make sure.

    We both noticed the sealant joints did look like they have dried out some but don't they all do that eventually? Is there a way to fix them? I'm assuming the roof needs some general maintenance anyway but will make sure to ask specifically about it's care.

    It's at a large reputable dealer and a technician will go through it with us showing how everything works & making sure everything works.

    We have looked at a few used Class Cs but the "vibes" weren't right. While we couldn't say exactly what we didn't like, they just didn't feel right. For what it's worth, this unit seems "right". LOL!

    We also have the phone number for the previous owners and while haven't called them yet, will probably do that today. The interior looks new with no worn areas on the upholstery or carpet. There are a couple of minor scratches on a cabinet but it certainly wasn't just parked on a site and lived in.

    We've not handed over the money yet and will double check on the other things you've mentioned. As far as pricing, this unit is priced below what we've seen being "asked" for similar units. It seems to be pretty much in line with the NADA but that seems to be well below what the credit union says. (We'll go with what the credit union says so we feel we got a really good deal if all goes well. :approve: )

    Your comments are greatly appreciated. We're looking for our first MH and know there is a lot to learn.

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