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  1. HomeAV

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    Greetings- I'm about to buy a 5er, and am down to either the cougar 281 efs or gulfstream mako 28frbh. Both have the bunkhouse and garage, loads of storage.

    Any feedback on either? good or bad?

    Also, the mako dealer is telling me they can cheat the hitch 4" back of the axle, and not have to use a slider. :question: Anyone agree or disagree? They claim the truck is big enough (f250 CC shortie 4by) to overcome that slight difference.

  2. hertig

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    'Garage' and 'loads of storage' are great, but add weight when used. Make sure that both trailers have enough difference between the dry weight and the maximum weight that you could actually utilize them (don't forget to factor in the weight of filled tanks). And of course, make sure that the maximum trailer weight (and corresponding pin weight) don't exceed your truck's maximum combined weight or rear axle weight.

    As for the hitch, go for the slider. Shouldn't add more than a $100 or so to the cost of the hitch (unless you get an automatic or power slider) and the peace of mind should be worth it.

    5" may be a 'slight distance', but it is a completely separate geometry. You may not notice any significant difference under 'ideal' conditions, but the ride and/or safety could deteriorate at highway speeds, maximum load, crosswind or rough road conditions.

    Since dealers are usually lying when their mouths are moving, make that dealer put you in contact with someone who has actually had this done, and ask THEM the pros/cons. Anyone who works at the dealership should not be considered a reliable source...

    Also, contact the hitch manufacturer and make sure they (in writing) will stand completely behind this setup.
  3. C Nash

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    Hi HomeAV,
    I had a 2000, first year of production, 278 cougar and really liked the trailer. Towed great and had a lot of room for the dollar. Did have a problem with declamation front coners so got rid of it. We were going to class a motor home and traded. I would recommend the slider hitch. I don't like the idea of moving the hitch back. Could creat handling problems (IMO) Watch for all the loading space you could max out your gvcw pretty easy. Your truck should do a great job with either trailer. The 4x4 may be a little high but, I know the Cougar has adjustments for highth.
  4. Gary B

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    Hi HomeAV, I agre 100% with Chelse, on moving the hitch 4" aft. I wouldn't do it. Reese, RBW and anyother hitch mfg definitly don't recomend it, it will cause handling problems, one of them being porpoising on rough roads, check with resse or other mfg before you do it. Another option would be to install an extended pin box. Good luck :)
  5. Shadow

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    Hi HomeAV,We have the Cougar and haven't had any trouble yet. Have a F350 p/s 4x4 and the height is not an issue. When hooked to the truck it sits level. Sorry to hear you had problems with your Cougar Chelse, we seem to be following in your footsteps. What M/H did you buy again?
    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. C Nash

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    Shadow, we traded for a 2002 33pbd holiday rambler vacationer. The Cougar was really a great entry level trailer and we enjoyed it for three year. I don't think it leaked to cause the declamation probably a glue problem. Keystone would have helped on the repair even though it was out of warrenty. We had been looking for a class A motor home and it just happened some guy traded the vacationer in while the cougar was in for the repair. It had only 1500 miles but the guy had decided he wanted a diesel. I made them an offer and they accepted. Really like the handling, performance of the Ford, never thought I would say that as I have always been a chevy man but at least I have a chevy tracker that we tow so I can see that bow tie emblem in the rear monitor :laugh:

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