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    Looking to buy a Fifth Wheel more in the higher ranges. I want to spend around $60,000 on a new RV. Can I find an RV with a desk area? Good Counter Space? Longer Unit? with Washer Dryer hook ups separate from the bedroom? I want the w/d area to be in a separate closet. Will I be able to find a unit within that price range. I have admired Jayco? DoubleTree? Fleetwood? Glendale? Forest River? and Heartland? Any suggestions. :)
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    our rv buddy has a jayco,doesnt have the w/d,and would say iots a mid range rv.we have the forest river sandpiper,and also would conder it a mid range.heartland has some good amanities that i think are worth looking at.also conseder the "R'' factors for heating and cooling our first rv was a fleetwood product,and never had any major problems( it was in the 80's,and maybe ere built different) and after looking at the last rv show at fleedwood products,to me they havent made major strides since ours in 1983 model. take a look at the colorado 5th, has a lot of the high end features at a modest price.hope my rambling helps.
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    Don't forget Gulfstream and SunnyBrook - Grandview Trailer Sales sells them and he is a GREAT dealer. He's on the forum or you can visit his website at - I don't get a commission, but I did get a great price and have gotten even better service.

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    Check Sunnybrook 5th wheels.
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    For the price range that you are looking at and all of the amenities that you are wanting, I would take a look at Jayco's Designer and Legacy RVs. The Designer is a fifth wheel that includes a washer/dryer combination and a good amount of countertop space. The Designer comes in a ton of different floorplans with different lengths around 38 feet. Also, the Legacy is known to have large kitchen and living space. To get more info on specifics you can contact John MacDonald at Jayco- and he can help. :)
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    Follow Archer advice, call Ken at Grand View Trailer Sales. He sales Sunnybrook and other good quality 5th wheels. I feel real comfortable on suggesting him to you. As a added note ,Archer as bought from him and several others on this post. He is on this forum and can be contacted from his advertisement on this forum. Good luck on your ad ventures
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    Most of the real good higher end 5th wheel manufacturers are out of business or have temporarily closed their doors. SunnyBrook, Gulfstream, Excel, and Carriage are good higher end RV's and are still in business. Jayco, Forest River and some of the others mentioned above are not top of the line RV's. I wouldn't spend $60 grand on any of them. Just my opinion.
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    Oh, boy!

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