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  1. nickinews

    nickinews Junior Member

    HI-I have trying to find ot the difference between a Tioga Ranger 2012 31N and a Jamboree Sport 2012 31 N? I seem to get vague answers from RV dealers and no one can answer me on line-is there some reason for this?
  2. akjimny

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    Hi Nicki and welcome to the RV USA Forum. From what I could tell from a quick Google search is the Jamboree is built on a Ford chassis and the Tioga is built on a Mercedes chassis. Not sure if there are any differences in the floor plans. Best thing would be to go to the dealership and check them both out. Good luck and I hope this helps.:)
  3. nickinews

    nickinews Junior Member

    Thank gave me the most logical answer yet. This really helps as I'm trying to make up my mind on which RV to buy.

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