Night driving, Oh no!

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by frederick, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. frederick

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    So far, I have very little experiend driving a class A. I always
    check my side mirrors for ( curb distance, enter line, how
    close am I going around a curves in downtown) ect.

    HOW am I going to do this at night /// :question:

    The head lights look like they're not much better than my
    riding lawn mower.

    Is this going to be a daytime only coach? I know someone
    out there is laughing. That's okay.

    Fred Rubio from Pasco, Wa. :)
  2. LEN

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    Re: Night driving, Oh no!

    I find that driving at dusk is a bad time for me. As full darkness comes on I do much better. On the road isn't bad it's the RV parking at night that bugs me, the ghosts you can't see.

  3. Guest

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    Re: Night driving, Oh no!

    I for one enjoy night driving better then day driving ,, for one it keeps u alert and awake ,, u never know what will pop out of the darkness ,, plus it is better on the coach ,, runs cooler in hot temps ,, and tires don't get as much heat in them ,, but my one down fall is when i drive all night and the sun starts coming up ,, that is my worst time of driving ,, i start to get sleepy about that time ,, but if i drive more then 18 hrs or so nothing bothers me ,, i am wide awake and ready to go ,, the longer i drive ,, if i start out at night ,, the father i can go ,, but a few red bulls ,, and alot of rest stop coffee help u to get over the lazy driving time ,, i am one that will push driving all i can to get where i am going ,, no matter how far and how long i have to stay awake ,, now coming home is diff topic ,, i will take my time ,, stop when i want to ,, even catch a nap in a rest area ,, nothing for me to see at home ,, that is the relaxing down side of my trip ,, besides the time spent not moving at the vacation spot or such :eek: :approve: :approve: :approve: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. Ryan41

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    RE: Night driving, Oh no!

    night driving is scary but depending on where you drive you can get great experience and confort to driving as the roads will be empty.
    just keep your concentration up and i am sure you'llbe fine
  5. try2findus

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    Re: Night driving, Oh no!

    Night driving scares the heck out of me. There are too many creatures roaming the roads at night just waiting for an unsuspecting driver to come along...We've had several close calls through the years while traveling in our Chevy truck (pre-RV days), when deer have jumped out from the side of the road to surprise us. Luckily, we never had an "in your face" encounter.

    We made the decision to try to drive only during daylight hours if possible and we have been able to stick to that pretty well.

    Another factor is, we miss too much traveling at night and the trip for us in not always the destination, but the travel to and from as well!

  6. SnowbirdInFlight

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    Re: Night driving, Oh no!

    I sooo agree. I actually did have a close encounter of the collision kind with a deer a few months ago. I was zipping along at 72 miles an hour (just the truck, not the trailer) when out of nowhere Bambi decides to cross the highway.[​IMG] Luckily I just caught the very back end of the deer and only damaged the plastic part of the front left bumper. No headlight damage. It happened so fast I didn't have time to react or slow down. I looked in my side mirror and the deer went running off (after picking himself up off the ground) into the woods. Hopefully I killed the little ba$!a*d!!![​IMG].

    We never drive at night because of that reason and because at night we like to be having a nice glass of wine at home or at some nice restaurant. [​IMG] We aren't in any hurry to get anywhere. We drive under 300 miles per day and sometimes less than 200. Plus at night you can't see any of the wonderful scenery from town to town.

  7. Ryan41

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    Re: Night driving, Oh no!

    i rememebr watching something and they say its safer to hit teh deer than try to swerve as theres greater chance of a crash.

    i agree you might miss some great sights if you drive at night so if your in no-wheres-ville then its ok
  8. akjimny

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    Re: Night driving, Oh no!

    I agree with you, Janeen. I used to do the 900+ mile, pre-dawn to after dark runs, as well as the 18 hour convoys Uncle Sam had us on, and it is not pleasant. Especially now that I'm old(er) and can't see as well in the dark. 300 miles a day makes a nice trip with time to stop and smell the roses, have lunch, make camp early and meet the neighbors. I'll leave the night road all to Rod and wish him well :) :)

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