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  1. BarneyB

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    Have a 10 gulf stream class a and the rear air quit blowing cold and the fron air is fine but can't keep up in these hot days of summer. tried replacing the capacitor but it did not help. Any easy thoughts?

    Thanks BB
  2. cougarkid

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    Re: no a/c

    Capacitor is to start/run the a/c.

    Coolness is dependant on freon and compressor (and how you dress/talk/act).

    If the fan runs and the compessor doesn't - no cool.
    Make sre the compressor is kicking in.

    Sometimes a new capacitor (as you did) will solve compressor issues, if the old capacitor was bad or the compressor is getting weak. If the compressor isn't kicking in, give it a good whack with a hammer (a GOOD whack) and see if it will kick in. Sometimes as they go bad they will hang up.

    If still no-go, chances are compressor is shot.

    You said it is a '10, so it isn't that old, but probably out of warrenty. If not, take it in!

    Sorry not better news. They are easy to replace, but new ones are expensive.
    Check on-line for a used one. I picked a "never used" used one for $100 last year.
    Works great (and it is in the 100's here now).

  3. BarneyB

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    Re: no a/c

    Thanks Mike! It is under warranty but getting it to the dealer is another issue. I just thought if a cap. fixed it it would be cheaper than being without it for Lord knows how long.
  4. LEN

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    Re: no a/c

    If they are heat pump units try going to heat for a couple minutes then back to cool. Can you hear the compressor come on, if not could be sensor in the rear.


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