No hot water coming out of faucets

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Fishnfun15, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Help! I just acquired an 05 Outback TT and the books don't explain the water system. Totally new to RV's and the electrical systems are also
    another thing not explained well in the book. Could someone please let us know which appliances run on elec., LP, or battery?
    Thanks a ton,
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    RE: No hot water coming out of faucets

    well Lori ,, first off ,, welcome to the forums ,,,
    I"ll try and help u as much as i can ,, and others will also ,, don't feel ashamed of asking ,, that's what were here for ,,,
    1) most of the appliances work much like the ones in a stick house ,, a/c ,, stove ,,, microwave ,, and fridge

    2) the fridge ,,, water heater and furnace all need a 12 volt source (batteries) this is for the electronic boards they use to make stuff work ,, the furnace is capable of running on just battries or electric ,,, the fridge also will work on gas or electric ,, the water heater will work on gas ,, and electric (if u have that option) the furnace needs gas also ,, the microwave and a/c unit's will work on electric only ,,

    3) most of u'r interior lights will be battery powered ,, not many all electric fixtures left anymore ,, but some still use them ...

    ok i'll stop there ,, and let u take that in
    ;) :approve: :)
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    Re: No hot water coming out of faucets

    Welcome and one addition. 2 reasons or 3 for no hot water. 1. Is the hot water tank turned on either gas or electric. 2. If the RV has been winterized a by-pass valve may not let water into the tank(this can be 1 to 3 valves) and are on or near the tank and are marked. 3. Shower inside or out may have the valves on but the wand off, this recirculates the water into the cold side.

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    Re: No hot water coming out of faucets

    well Len i was getting to that ,, u know ;) :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: No hot water coming out of faucets

    The water heater works using propane to supply the fuel for heating the water but the water heater must have 12V-dc power to operate the circuit board. Most modern RVs have what is called direct spark ignition (DSI) water heaters and so if the propane is turned on, then there will be a switch inside, usually near the tank level indicators which should be labeled "water heater." Just turn it on and the water heater should light and you will soon have hot water.

    The refrigerator is very different than the one in your house. It too requires 12V-dc power to make it work because all control circuits are powered by that. It probably also has the ability to use either propane or 120V-ac power to supply the heat that is required to operate the refrigerator. It is an absorption type which uses heat and not a compressor like your home unit.

    The furnace also operates on 12V power and it uses propane for heating.

    The reason that so many of the appliances require 12V power is that it can be supplied by a battery and you do not need to have a power cord to plug into for the appliances to work. Things like the microwave do use 120V power like at home, as do most of the TV sets and a few other things. The manual that comes with most RVs really does not cover the use of most appliances. Each of those have their own operating manuals, and the seller is usually expected to instruct the buyer in use of the appliances. You might be wise to pay a local RV tech to teach you how to use your new RV. It could take a long time and have some really interesting experiences doing so by trail and error.

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