No Neutral Signal to My Allison Control Box

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    I have a 1993 Monaco 40' diesel pusher. Works great, but when I went to start it the other day, I only get a solenoid clicking in front with no signal to the transmission control box and no power to my levelers. I was able to access the six relays for the transmission and when I jump the power to the main relay, I can start the engine and have power to my levelers, but still no signal to my transmission control box. I'm also not getting power to the fuse in the box that houses the six transmission relays.
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    RE: No Neutral Signal to My Allison Control Box

    there is a fuse at the battery pos. terminal for the Allison. Good chance that is it.
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    Re: No Neutral Signal to My Allison Control Box

    I would start by checking your wires for the relay box (VIM Vehicle Interface Module) and see if you can find the problem. You will also want to check wires 143A&C & 136A&C which are power and ground for the shift pad/trans ECU (Electronic Control Unit). You already know your not getting power their, so thats a good place to start. Bush 70 is correct about the fuses at the battery, but it is also possible that the ECU could be bad or have a bad driver inside of it. This should be WTECII controls which is old technology, and this is a common problem, especially when things sit for long periods of time. Hope this helps....
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