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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by russ1953, Aug 2, 2009.

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    I have a 1986 Pace Arrow which I have not used for a while. I charged the battery and installed it into the RV with no result. Absolutely no power going to the RV. Will not crank, no lights no nothing. The RV worked fine when I last used it.

    I tried jumping from my Jeep with no better outcome. I suspect that I am missing something obvious like a switch or a fuse of some sort. Since everything worked fine the last time out, I am at a loss as to where to look first.

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    RE: No Power

    well first off welcome ,, and if i may ask ,, what battery are u jumping off ,, u have 2 maybe 3 ,, one is just for the engine ,, and the other 1 or 2 ,, are for what we call the house ,, a little more info ,, on what battery u charged ,, not calling u stupid or anything ,, but u should have a emergency start button some where ,, but if the house batts are dead ,, it will not help u out ,, there again u should also have a disconnect switch ,, which usally only takes out the house batts ,, and usally it is near the step on the entrance door ,, mine is on the dash panel next to the generator start button ,, but like i said ,, more info ,, and i am sure alot more will chime in on this ;) :approve: :approve: :)
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    Re: No Power

    Will your headlights burn? Might try wiggling the gear shift. Could be a poor connection. If the headlights burn try tapping the starter with a hammer while someone trys to start. Be sure the emergency brake is on and trans in park and someone you trust trying to start while you are under the rv :laugh: Mine also has a switch right at the entrance door inside that will disconnect the battery. Easy to hit as it is beside the light switches. Welcome to the forum

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    Re: No Power

    My old 89 Winnebago had three batteries. One for engine, two for house batteries. Had a switch on the dash labeled main/dual/start....always started engine with switch on mail. After start, switched to dual so house batteries would charge from alternator while driving. Start was a toggle that I had to hold down when engine battery would not start engine and it enabled the coach/house batteries to be in the series for starting the engine (emergency start). Just some general infor on my older unit that might point you in the right direction. Make sure you have fluid in batteries (distilled water only), clean terminal connections, good connection to ground from engine battery (Like Chelse said, will lights come on?). You can also check your batteries with a volt / ohm meter to see if they charged good. If they have power, the cables are clean and tight, ground is good, switches are in proper position, try to start, but it should sound like it is starting if all else is ok , but perhaps the started has a flat spot (like Chelse said) and hitting it with a hammer might get it moving, if it has sat for a long long time. BTW, WELCOME ;)

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