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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Guest, Nov 26, 2011.

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    well i am gonna take the old saying around the ocean ,, and that is no worries ,,what that means is from now on i am gonna put more life into my life ,, i am done with worrying about stuff that can and will happen ,, now that i have more then enough funds to take care of anything that i might encounter ,, it is time to enjoy life more ,, and not worry about the little things ,, and i am gonna start right now ,, next yr is gonna be a big yr for me and the sky is the limit ,, anything and everything goes ,, and i am gonna enjoy every minute of it ,, no matter the cost ,, i have been down on myself for to long ,, now is my time to live it up ,, money right now for me is only the small part of living ,, i am gonna live what i have left in this life to the fullest ,, no matter the cost ,, life or money ,, no matter what ,, i want to get the most outta life while i can ,, u only go around once in this world ,, so from now on ,, life is nothing but fun and games to me ,, well i take that back only if it is warm :stupid:,, but with that said ,, most on here will see a totally diff part of me from now on ,, and that will be ,, the " i don't give a damn about anything " attitude ,, call it a Jimmy Buffet thing ,, " changes in lattitude , changes in attitude " :applause::applause::applause:
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    Wow Rod can I come with you? I can change my attitude too. ;)
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    Ya, thats the way to go
    Years ago.. and this is what got me thinking about RVing...
    There was a really BIG RV (Rock Star Type of RV) going down the road ... they had a big Brass plaques on it's back of it that said
    "I'm spending my kids Inheritance"
    and I thought "That is the way to go :triumphant:
    you earn it, you should spend it too

    For me it is hard to do.... all my life, I've always looked at the right side of the menu first (The side with the prices on it) :stupid: , then looked at the food side...
    I don't have to do that anymore, but I can't stop myself from doing it :mad:

    Ron, I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling wishes :applause:
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    SORRY but yall have been snooker, Rod is a worry wart, he is working on his mind game. I bet around April he be telling us how much he is worried about things breaking down while he is on his way to the beach, or getting ready to go.
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    nope not this time ,, hollis ,, all is already done ,, and if it does happen ,, then oh well ,, no biggy ,, i will still fix it myself ,, and that is only cuase i don;t trust anyone else to do it ,, i know how rv techs and auto techs are ,, they do what the manager says ,, to keep their bottom line down ,, and that might even mean not doing something thats was spose to be done ,, or putting a band aid on things to get them outta the shop and the ck in the bank ,, oh well ,, who cares ,, when it happens it will happen ,, nothing i can do about it ,, but fix it ,, and go on :afro:

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