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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by RonB, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. RonB

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    We are looking at a 2001 Expedition with a 260 cummins, it has 30000
    miles on it. When we test drove it, the engine noise was very loud in
    the bedroom, loud enough that you could never take a nap in there.
    It sounded like a very loud valve noise. This was at 60-65 mph. I've
    ridden in buses and after the rpms increase the valve noise decreases.
    Is this normal noise? We have had gas Rvs and now moving up to a

  2. Stormin

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    RE: noisey engine

    I 've noticed Cummins and Detroit are louder than Cat.
  3. Kirk

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    Re: noisey engine

    You would be wise to have any used motorhome checked out completely by a good mechanic, but it is normal for a diesel pusher to be loud if you are back near the engine. They are not quiet, only the engine is a long distance from the driver. If you doubt that, go to any RV park and listen to the folks with their pushers let them run for long periods before they travel, as so many of them do. They are only quiet for the people sitting up front.

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