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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by jetta jimmy, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Hey Y'all,

    My family (well, I) just got a new to us 83 Leisure Craft 23' Class C.

    We are by no means new to camping, having tent camped and now I have a slight camper problem with a truck camper, a pop up, a VW Westfalia and now the beast... This is the first time hooking up fully at a camp site and I have some questions.

    Regarding the hot water heater, once I am parked and hooked up to city water, do I fire up the hot water heater or do I wait till I need it, like 30 minutes before a shower?

    Hooking up the waste water - do I use the holding tanks until they are full and drain into the sewer, or leave both valves open all the time when camped?

    I have a house battery, going from the house battery forward, I have a keyed cut off switch, then a breaker, to another breaker under the hood, then to the isolator, then to alternator. When I switch the key off, and go to the outside light, it works but super dim. When I turn the key on, it works 100%. What are my voltage readings supposed to be on a setup like that? Could the condition I mentioned mean one of the breakers or isolator is bad?

    Sorry for the stupid questions...


  2. C Nash

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    Welcome to the forun Jim.

    Just preference on the hot water heater Jim. I generally just turn on right before needed but I have electric and gas. Use electric 99% of time with 10 gal tank and have plenty hot water

    Leave valves closed and drain when full. Drain sewage first then gray water. Some will leave gray open but I dont. Like to flush drain with gray after sewage ever time.

    Sounds like one of your batter/batteries may be weak but may also be controler

    No question is stupid

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