Noobie RV Owner Looking for Manual

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Sharky350z, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I inherited a 34' 1985 Catalina with 50K on the clock. I have the motor running good and am looking to get the domestic services running. Most of the stuff works, but I have a domestic water pump that is out and some wiring issues to work through. Also there's the matter of the generator not getting fuel from the tank, but that can be solved later.

    Any good sources for finding manuals?

    Draining/servicing the domestic systems is something I need to learn about as well. Not something I can practice and figure out in the driveway.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Noobie RV Owner Looking for Manual

    Hi Sharky, and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. Let me try to shed some light on your problems.

    Water pump not working. Are you sure the pump is bad, or could it be a blown fuse. You can check by running a direct wire to a 12 volt power source, If the pump runs when wired straight to 12 volts, you have a fuse/wiring problem. If it doesn't work, needs to be replaced.

    Wiring issues are a PITA. You will have a 120 volt AC service and 12 volt DC service, and all the wires are in the walls (just like your house). Need more clues as to what sort of issues you're having.

    Draining the water system is pretty easy. You will have a drain valve connected to the low point on the water tank. On my MH it is inside, right next to the tank. On my trailer, it was located on the outside wall. Find it and open it and the water tank should empty. You may also have "low point drains" located along the water system. On my MH these are pipe stubs with caps that come out under the chassis. Remove the cap and drain the pipes.

    Generator not getting fuel. You must have 1/4 tank of gas or more before the generator will run. The gens fuel intake doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the tank. If you have enough fuel and it still doesn't run, you may have a plugged intake, clogged filter, bad fuel pump, or jelled fuel in the carburetor. When was the gen last running? Generators must be exercised every month or so.

    Manuals for your refer, generator, stove, furnace and voltage converter may be available on-line. Check the manuafcturers' web sites.

    Hopefully some of this will help and get you pointed in the right direction. Enjoy your new toy and post back to let us know how you're doing. :) :) :)
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    Re: Noobie RV Owner Looking for Manual

    Thanks for the advice!!
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