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    Norcold side by side fridge, door is closed but door alarm goes off constantly. touch the door and it goes out, then back on again. I have a prop rod on it and that keeps the alarm off but a royal pain.
    I cleaned the door seals, checked the opertation of the latches and all seems ok.
    Anyone have any suggestions??

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    Re: nor cold door seal


    With the doors open do the doors have any up and down play (movement) in them? If so check the alignment of the doors. On my former M/H 4-door Norcold the right side fridge door was out of alignment and got the alarm all the time. Found the problem to be a nylon shim was worn out. Couldn't ever locate one (read never asked when at a RV store) and replaced it with the metal washer of same thickness. It cured the problem.

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    Just googled alingment of Norcold Refrigerator doors and a thread came up on another forum with a fix almost identical to the one I mentioned above but the gent gave a step by step process. Thread also had a couple of other fixes.

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    Re: nor cold door seal

    Thanks Jeff, I will check that and see.

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