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    I have a cooling problem with my 662.All the lights work on the eyebrow but when I switch to auto on it ,it goes right to gas and works there but not on ac. Have replaced the fuses on the power board and checked power to the board and I have 120V going in. The heating element starts to heat up for about 20 min but then quits and a fuse gets blown 5A . Any help on this matter. I just replaced the cooling unit with a new one and got that installed correctly but am having a problem on ac. :blackeye:
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    well first off welcome ,, next ,, u said the ccooling unit was replaced ??? right??? wel did they also replace the heating elements??? and the board ??? ,, to me sounds like (1) u have a shorted ac heating element ,,, (2) u have wires pinched somewhere that finally hit a ground some where on the frame of the refer unit ,,, a little more info into the install and operation after the install was done , would help out alot :approve: :approve: :)

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