Norcold 82X does not cool on LP

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by raskal, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. raskal

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    DW recently defrosted the freezer of our Norcold Model 82X. After this minor bit of irritation we set the panel to LP gas to speed the refridgeration of the unit and noted that the burner did light and remain in operation.

    The unit did not, however get cold (fins in the 'fridge did not become cold to the touch, etc) even after running throughout the night.

    In the AM we switched back to AC power and the 'fridge runs properly on AC ...

    Do not see any error codes nor any indication of critters in or about the burner and flue area. Looked through the Norcold pdf document and even Bryants web site and could find no mention of this specific instance ... Grrrrr.

    Were currently in NM with temps in the high 90's or low 100's, adequate Voltage/AMP's over the park power and an altitude of 4.5K feet.
  2. Kirk

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    Re: Norcold 82X does not cool on LP

    Since the only difference between cooling with propane and cooling with 120V electricity is the source of the heat for the boiler, I would take a hard look at the burner area. If the problem were in the flue, neither way would work since the air movement is the same. Also, the control system is powered by 12V power and it too is exactly the same with the same components operating. If it is not a problem in the burner, then it could possibly be a problem with the main circuit board, but that is less probable.

    I suggest that you study the service manual from Bryant as that is what I use and it is the same as any RV repair shop would have. From what you say in your post, can I assume that you observed a flame burning when it failed to cool? Did you happen to check to see what was hot and what wasn't? It is pretty difficult to trouble shoot without more information.
  3. raskal

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    Re: Norcold 82X does not cool on LP

    Thank You Kirk ... I'll have to check further "up the tube" but all the external indications are such that the LP side should be working just as well as the AC. We are concerned as we're soon bound for El Centro, CA and would like to use the LP rather than AC because the electric rate there is so high right now ...

    remember when "camping" use to be the inexpensive way to go?
  4. C Nash

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    Re: Norcold 82X does not cool on LP

    Was the unit level? If the flame is touching the side it will not cool. What color is the flame? Other than that no idea unless something in the flue area.
  5. raskal

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    Re: Norcold 82X does not cool on LP

    Yuppers Chelse, the unit is level and the flame was blue and constant.

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