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    Anyone out there have an intermittent problem with their refrigerator? Mine will work and then not do so good. It never stops working but the refrig section will get up to 50 degrees at times and maybe down to 42 degrees over night. It will do this for a few days and then work more normally i.e. 40 degrees and creap up to as much as 44 degrees during the hot day. Outside temp runs from 75 degrees in the morning to 100 by afternoon. I made an appointment to take it in for service and over a weeks time it ran better than ever (38 degrees to 40 degrees)! I get out on a trip as I am now, and for 4 days it got up to as much as 50 degrees in the frig section and only to 44 degrees over night. Now, all the sudden - and I have done nothing different, this morning it is 38 degrees in the frig section. What's going on? The freezer stays at 18 to 20 degrees all the time. We have been in the same location for 5 days now, hooked up to electric. The frig works even worse on gas.
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    Re: Norcold Refrigerator

    Sounds like you have an air circulation problem to me.
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    well you did not say how old the unit is, so I have to agree with Nash. I bet the back of it is blocked with dust lint and anything else that could get trapped behind it. If you can see behind it take a look and see if it is blocked, if so clean it out and see if that helps. If you can't do that have someone (RV tech) to do it. Good luck
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    I tried to answer this earlier....but the phone rang.....

    Is this Refer in a slide? IF so, there should be a fan behind the Refer., to circulate the heat created from the workings of the Refer. If it is not in a slide, make sure the vent on the roof of the RV is not blocked from venting.

    The other thing is to make sure the Refer is not so packed with food that air cannot circulate. You state the freezer stays cold...the cold comes from the freezer, so the Refer must work...if the air can circulate.
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    u got it ken ,, and if i may add one other thing ,, u might try a refer fan that operates on batts ,, to move the air inside the refer ,, but as ken said if the the freezer is getting as cold as u said ,, the refer is working ,, and also outsides temps do affect the way the refer will cool ,, and as others have said ,, what model refer do u have ,, and does it have automatic temp controls?? but i think IMO ,, u'r refer is working just fine :approve: :)
    Wait a second ,, just re-read the post ,, and it was said it works worse on gas ,, and to me that sounds like maybe a clogged flue or maybe a gas prob ,, but also was not said what the freezer did on gas ,, that might help some ,, sorry just a random thought that i got ,, i really need to get back to work ,, this off time is killing me :eek: ,, YEA RIGHT :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :evil:

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