North America/Central America RV Trip of a Life Time

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by CAC RV, May 17, 2009.

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    My wife and I are planning a 1 year plus RV trip through North and Central America and wondered if anyone had advice to provide us.

    We are new to RVing and we are jumping into this with both feet. We are purchasing a Class A 45 ft coach and stacker trailer to tag along. I know, its a lot of vehicle for a newbie, but I say go big or don't go at all and I've always been very good at handling vehicles of all kinds.

    We are planning on leaving Toronto, Canada in late Aug, early Sept. The route we are contemplating is thought to go something like this:
    -St Louis
    -Then the mountains of Colorado and Utah
    -Then to the Grand Canyon
    -Lake Mead (going to rent a house boat for a few days or so)
    -Then head to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico through Texas and into Mexico.
    -In Mexico we will want to hit the Mayan Rivera
    -And then head south to maybe as far as Panama
    -We want to then start heading back up the Pacific coast and back towards California, Washington and Oregon.
    -By the time summer is back we will head to British Columbia and head up to Alaska.
    -Finally once Fall has is upon us we will start to head back towards Ontario and catch the fall colours.

    Its a lot of travelling for sure but we think it will be wonderful. What we don't know is how RV friendly is Mexico and the countries south of that? Are the main highways good enough for a 45ft RV with a 24 ft trailer? Are some of these regions/countries a little too unsafe to be able to really enjoy them?
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    RE: North America/Central America RV Trip of a Life Time

    Hello CAC RV. Your plan sounds like a lot of fun to us. I am not sure about Mexico but try to stay in the tourist areas and be cautious as you certainly know. We have only been to Canada once but we loved the beauty especially Niagra Falls. That is the area we spent most of our time in but Canada is huge and we hope to one day return.

    The Grand Canyon is amazing. Words cannot describe it. Hike the Bright Angel Trail if your health allows but wear comfortable shoes and bring along plenty of liquids.

    While you are in Utah, try checking out Arches NP, Bryce Canyon, Zion NP and Canyonlands which are all fairly close in proximity.

    We are heading out to Yellowstone for 3 weeks at the end of this month. We are so excited and can hardly wait. The west is really a beautiful place to see.

    Happy and safe travels and maybe we'll see you on the road!! :laugh:
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    Re: North America/Central America RV Trip of a Life Time

    There's probably no better way to make yourself a 'big' target in Mexico.

    How are you going to fuel that monster in Mexico? Or get it fixed or unstuck?

    I guess there must be a real long super highway all the way to Panama.

    Craig, just something to think about. :eek:
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    Re: North America/Central America RV Trip of a Life Time

    I'm pretty sure it will be and eye opening experience for him if this comes to fruition. During my 32 years in the Navy I spent some time at SOUTHCOM in Panama. Not a snowballs chance in &*^% I'd drive a rig like that let alone a trailer in tow anywhere near Panama City. There is one poster on this forum that used to work on the Canal. Hopefully he will check in and chime in. Have not traveled much in Central America however the wife is from Colombia and I have traveled grunches in South America.

    Mexico is pretty RV friendly in the tourist areas roads are not that great if you get off the beaten path. Not sure what you will do for emergency road service. I know Coachnet has no problems in Mexico or Canada.

    Fly Navy

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