not a winner of the lottery

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by H2H1, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    well since I did not win the lottery, I am back to dreaming. BUT I do want a recount of the numbers, I have THE WINNING NUMBERS and I want a recount, isn't that the way polititican do it when they lose. Anyway we wish those who did win the best and spend it well.
  2. Kenworth

    Kenworth Member

    Sorry folks...I won it...$9 of it anyway...
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    I told Hollis I had a winning ticket...I had the power ball and one other in that line....I got me $3.00!!
  4. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    WELL Ken what I did not tell was there was 14 of us who pony up $100 each =1400 numbers, out of that we won $112.00, that equate to $8 each, so we all decided to just roll it over into next week drawing. Let see $8.00= 2 gallon of gas WOW. I do think my odds are better at the casinos.
  5. rjf7g

    rjf7g Senior Member

    I haven't heard yet from my dad how he did...hmmm...does that mean he had one of the 3 $250,000 in Virginia?
  6. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Hollis, I actually did better than you. I spent $10.00 and got back $3.00. You spent $100.00 and got back $8.00!! Becky hope your Dad did win!!
  7. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Ken I can't argue with the truth, Becky, like Ken we hope he did.
  8. rjf7g

    rjf7g Senior Member

    I talked to Mom and Dad today and they didn't win...oh well, they did make it back from their trip to WV safely, so I won't complain!
  9. JimE

    JimE Senior Member


    Well the wife had the first four numbers in a row....I believe that was coffee I was showered in. Only $150 but it beats a stick in the eye.
  10. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    hey Jim, that was better than the rest of us.
  11. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Well I didnt win nothing!!! Could it be because I didn't buy a ticket LOL

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