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    well either the gas prices or the economy has gotten to alot out there ,, or maybe since some are not going out ,, then nothing is breaking ,, what i am getting at ,, there has not been alot of real type stuff breaking post anymore ,, i know that sounds funny ,, but been awhile since i have seen any post on stuff that needed advice ,, oh there has been some ,, but they were one time posters since they did not get a reply back right away ,, i am not knocking anyone out there ,, it is good that all is working ,, and most are enjoying being out (if they are ) well i guess once agian i opened up a can of worms ,, ( insert foot in mouth now ) :stupid::applause:
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    don't have any issues with the MH. But do with the current administration on the gas prices. I said before if it get to $4.00 a gallon before the end of May we will cancel the trip to Utah, But it will not bury our desire to camp. I think we will make shorter trips out, somewhere with in 200-250 miles out.
  3. Steve H

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    We are at $4.50 gal for diesel now! Looks like shorter trips for us as well!
  4. vanole

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    Trust me Murphy is alive and well.

    Been about three months since I contributed any significant amount of money to the South Florida economy. Right around the Thanksgiving timeframe (about a week after I started the snowbird thing) my transfer switch went out lucky I did not burn the M/H to the rims. Was able to fix that one myself (replaced the switch). Two days later the charge side of my inverter went kaput. My luck Trace is no longer in business so parts to repair are few and far between with no guarnatee to lenght of fix. I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought a new inverter, cost was about the same as you pick the third word countries GNP. Trip did not start out to well.

    Prior to leaving on the trip I sprung for new AC/Heat Pumps and got the new Dometic CCC2 and that sucker has given me nothing but problems also. Rarely if at all would zones 2 or 3 show up on the T-stat. Had this problem before on my old 4 button t-stat on previous M/H. Drove me nuts. Seeing how it was under warranty I drove to an authorized Doemetic repair person and during the move the issue cleared itself up and the darn thing worked as advertised for the tech. Drove back to the campground and the Gremlins returned. Was ready to eat a generous helping of railroad spikes. I broke out my cable tester which tests connections on RJ11/RJ45 and various other connectors and troubleshot the problem. Did a pin out on the connections and found the problem. System is working fine presently but keeping my fingers crossed.

    I have to admit it never ceases to amaze at the knowlege of the posters on this board and other campers in the RV parks and the willingness of folks to lend you a hand when the chips are down. That I want to thank you all for. Sure is a nice to know that a resource such as this forum and rv'ers in general are so forth coming.

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    well Jeff ,, most rver's are more then willing to lend a hand ,, and like myself i get much graditude outta helping others on here ,, as i think others do to ,, heck if there was a good living in doing this stuff for free ,, i would do it ,, i love rv work ,, it's not a job ,, but a challenge to me ,, i myself get the satisfaction outta knowing that i helped another rver out either on here or when i see them leave my place ,, it feels good to me ,, and i will do whatever it takes to get that rv fixed ,, and ready when the customer needs or wants it ,, if at all possible ,, thanks for the " Thank You" Jeff ,, i am sure it will go all out to all the others that contribute to stuff on here :applause::triumphant:
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    Have our 5er in the shop for some work under the last of the warranty. It ends 02/28. Then heading out for a week of camping with the Grandson (800 mile round trip). Diesel has hit $4.09 here, but we decided to head out anyway.
  7. akjimny

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    Well Rod, I'm just hoping and praying everything stays together and working for our upcoming trip. I am rebuilding the toilet since it refuses to hold water in the bowl for more than a couple of minutes. Pulled it out and have it on the workbench - went to the RV store and of course, they were out of the gasket I needed. So I ordered a new gasket, which should be in next week, and then will re-install the toilet. I still need to clean the interior of the MH really good, but I'm holding off on filling the water tank until just before we pull out. I think the freezing temps are behind us, but I'm not taking any chances.

    We did get an acceptable offer on the brick-and-mortar house, so we WILL be leaving - shooting for May 1st. Off to Alaska for one more (the last?) time.:):)
  8. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Jimmy good to hear on the acceptable offer. Does this mean you will be moving to Alaska full time or will you return to Florida for the winter and stay at a resort?
  9. C Nash

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    Well Rod there has been some breakdowns but so far able to get it going. Arm assembly on electric steps broke in Gulf Shores but was able to get the are assembly at a rv shop. Installed it at Shepard State Park in Mississippi. Now the electric hot water does not seem to be working but haven't checked it yet. Hoping it was not pluged in good. One of my electric outlets is out and seems to be a wire into somewhere between the panel and outlet. Just throwed the breaker on it as it's the outlet for a washer which dont need anyway. Had half of electric management go out while pluged to shore power and yes was getting 120 on each leg. Unpluged shore power cranked generator and all systems worked. Shut down Generator and then all systems worked of shore power. Like these kind of problems that just kinda fix themselfs. Guess there must have been a relay or something stuck or the management shut down one side for some reason. Sitting in a nice NP now for 8 dollars a night. Life is good.
  10. akjimny

    akjimny Senior Member

    Steve - It will be a permanent move to Alaska. All our camping for the foreseeable future will be in-state. Boss Lady's health isn't getting any better and I need to get her up to where we have some family support - and I couldn't convince them to move to Florida.:):)
  11. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Jimmy we are so sorry to hear about the "boss lady". I know you are making her as compy as possible. I also know you and her will be missed this year at the M&G if we get it off the ground. Good luck and we hope to see ya'll soon
  12. akjimny

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    Hollis - Maybe one of those lottery tickets will come thru and I can pull a "Big Bilko" type trip. Fly down, rent an RV and come to the M&G. That would be nice. And then off to Sturgis.....and Las Vegas......and ......:):) As long as Boss Lady's sisters don't mind checking up on her while I'm off galavanting around the country.
  13. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Wow that is really bad news. Tell the Boss we are all wishing her the best. At least you will have family to help out but being in the cold for 10 months out of the year will be a bummer. Time to start buying ice fishing gear. I did a lot of that when I was living up there in Anchorage. You should trade the motor home in on one of those Ice Cabins on wheels. lol
  14. akjimny

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    Now, now there. Alaska has all four seasons - June, July, August - and Winter. Only nine months - not ten. And besides, we were always going out before the snow all melted and only stopped when it started snowing too hard to get over Turnagain Pass. It'll be rough in the winter - but those summer days with twenty hours of daylight make up for it.
  15. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Hey I laid asphalt on Turnagain Pass during those 20 daylight days back in the mid 70's. Loved every minute. :applause:

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