Not our National Parks

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    Wait Wait Wait you don't understand "totally agree all public assistance should be contingent upon a CLEAN test." that is why 1/2 are on public assistance and the other half use that $$$$ to stay on the drugs. 3rd and 4th generation on Public Assistance give me a break. And they get free medical the wife and I pay out of pocket $530 each a month for.
    Think my slogan like TEX drill baby drill will be "Die baby Die or work"

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    Jeanie, there have been NO public proposals that I have read that have tried to do that. The main stream media (and certain political parties) have done a good job in making that ascertion, but every proposal to date has been to raise the retirement age on FUTURE retirees.

    Usually, there is some age picked to delineate which group has their retirement age raised. Even then the age is adjusted up by a year or two for each group.

    The only reason to do that is to protect the funding for PRESENT retirees.

    But you all see what I mean? Even in a small group like this, just bringing up the subject means that one has to start tiptoeing towards the exit! :clown:

    How will we ever get past this point and start doing something to save our country? Our past governments have squandered our savings and replaced them with IOUs that are becoming more worthless with our every breath.


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