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    Going to be camping in Nova Scotia in June 2010, would like info on campgrounds there. :approve:
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    RE: Nova Scotia

    Good afternoon bobsloane,

    My name is Krista and I am with Nova Scotia Tourism. In regards to camping in Nova Scotia there is a large number of campgrounds throughout the entire province, everything from family owned and operated campgrounds to Provincial Campgrounds (similar to your State Parks). Your best option would be to visit and order their free guide to Nova Scotia, which is called the "Doers' and Dreamers' Guide" the guide will have everything regarding what to see and do in Nova Scotia, festivals taking place as well as a full listing of Accommodations including campgrounds for the entire province. You can click on the link below and this will take you directly to the link to order a copy of the guide, please note the 2010 copy is not available as of yet however you can be placed on a waiting list and when available (usually the end of February early March) it will be mailed out to you completely free of charge.

    Doers and Dreamers Guide Link:

    Hope this helps :)



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