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    Bob, I am sure if DL is hanging around you will get a great report on the Dodge. :laugh: Check the Duramax out as they seem to really be great even though you are no bowtie fan. Saw one today and it really sounde good. Very quite. Ford seems to be having a lot of problems with their 6.0 but all around here have not had the problems seen on the forum here. I like the A class but thats just a personel opinion. Price comes out about the same if you have to buy a truck and new 5th wheel.
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    Welcome to the forum Bob. Read your question on the auto transmission. So I called my nephew who owns a 2001 dodge with 140,000 miles on his automatic. Told me it's never been in the shop for anything. He's towed about anything imaginable from cows and horses to tractors and hay. Think the dodge would serve you well. Good luck, let us know what you decide.
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    Had a Dodge Work Truck for quite a few years. Used it to tow a lot of heavy loads over some pretty long distances. Never had a problem. Friend of mine had his Dodge that was often used to tow heavy farm equipment. He had it over 200K miles, and was shooting for 300K last I heard. The only problem he had with it was front end problems from driving across too many plowed fields.

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