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    We are looking @ a Monaco with four slides & previous ones only had 2 slides. Any suggestions/advise etc on 2 versus 4 ? ?
    Any response will be appreciated.
    This will be our 1st MH & we need lots of help. We have pretty much decided to buy a Monaco & so far mostly just shopping online. Will soon be headed to Texas to look.
    We will be buying a used 39-40 '. Had been considering Newmar, Beaver or Monaco but the ones online brought us to final decision of Monaco so now we just have to find the right one.
    Thanks for your help
    Joyce L Hallgren
    you can also email me @
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    RE: number of slides

    Did u ck out Tiffin ,, they are IMO the best for warrnty work ,, but i am not just saying this cause i own one ,, well then agian i might be ,, they are great even on used units ,, they really stand behind their product ,, but agian JMO ,, but then agian they are kinda pricey ,, but if it's in u'r budget ,, look into them :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:
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    Re: number of slides


    I went from a 38' one slide 00 Dip to a 43' four slide 07 Dynasty. Loved the Dip with one slide. Had mega room to move around in with slide in and if you pulled into a tight campground you had the option to either keep slide in if need be and still have a fully funtional M/H. Still had room at the foot of the sleeper sofa to get by and exit M/H in the am if kids were still sleeping with slide in. This was possible because on this unit we opted for the two barrel chairs vice the j-lounge. I personally loathe j-lounges but it is hard to avoid them sometimes.
    Concerning the four slide unit if that were to happen (tight campground) you would be crawling all over stuff. This has never happened to us yet however we have been in two campgounds where some really nice shade trees allowed us to only deploy two slides. However with slides deployed you have alot more space. In retrospect I wished I would have went with a different floor plan vice the Queen IV however my wife would have raised a ruckus. Maybe a 3 slide unit with a drivers side full wall slide would have been good for me.

    On another note if you are really looking at a 40' take a close look at the "CCC" you will really be pushing the limit on what you can bring with you. What Monaco/Beaver coaches are you looking at?

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    Re: number of slides

    Joyce I have 03 Fleetwod Southwind with 3 slides and we just love it. driver side living area and the right side kitchen slide and of course the MB slide

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