O/night & slideout

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by texas_42, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. texas_42

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    This may be a dumb question but here it is. If you are staying in Wal-Mart parking lot o/night do you slide out your b/room area? We are getting ready for retirement and a new 5th wheel and still full of questions........thank you
  2. Krazeehorse

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  3. abbtkj

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    O/night & slideout

    sure i would put it out for the night it does not hurt to do so but some walmarts do not want campers there but I think most are friendly towards it
  4. hertig

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    O/night & slideout

    I wouldn't slide out my living room or kitchen. I probably would consider sliding out the bedroom, since its just barely usable otherwise. The whole point is to not cause WalMart any grief. So before bedtime I would assess whether I could do it without affecting anyone (plenty of room for anyone already there, plus new arrivals, plus customers), and if I did put it out, bring it back in first thing in the morning. Plus, I would have already have asked the manager if it was ok to stop there, and put out the slide, while I was making a purchase...
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    O/night & slideout

    Park next to a curb where there is room and I think it's ok to have the slide out for a short night but, most rvs can be used ok with slides in. All you want is a short night stay and then on your way after purchasing your fuel from Wally world :) Abuse it and we will lose it. Do as John suggested and get the managers permission.

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