oil change cost

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tjvpga, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. tjvpga

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    Why do places that work on RV's charge so much for an oil change? I've never done one on an rv, but I can't imagine its much different then a car or truck. Am I wrong? Do most of you do your own?
    Tom and Deb
  2. BobW

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    oil change cost

    I have a 99 Monaco Winsor with a 300 Cummings. I do the oil change myself. You can get the filters from Cummings or NAPA along with the oil. Use a 5 gallon bucket. Open the top drain plug first. Don't forget to fill the filter before installing.
  3. hertig

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    oil change cost

    One thing I've heard is that RVs need a much heavier (more costly) lift, bigger bays, heavier duty tools, etc. Plus there are fewer places, so less competition. Also, do they require more fluids?
  4. C Nash

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    oil change cost

    Do all my own servicing without a lift. No different than cars other than maybe greese fittings. read your manual and find all fittings, ck air and gas,fuel filters. Inspect belts, hose and coolent. Ck trans and differental fluids. DO NOT work underneath coach by raising with leveling system unless you have safety stands. Hose or seal could blow and drop. Be sure and dispose of all oils and filters properly.
  5. jsmith4041

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    oil change cost

    We also do our own oil changes now, but if you choose not to do your own, have you considered a quick lube shop? My parents live in town and they're just too old to be crawling around working on the RV, so they take theirs to Jiffy Lube. They used to take it to a mechanic before they discovered that their local JL is a little bit cheaper and they don't need to set up an appt. They've been going there for years and seem to be pretty pleased. If you consider this, call first because some of the shops don't have tall enough bay doors to accomodate the height of the rv (expecially with the a/c unit on top), or like mentioned before... the width. Good luck!!
  6. Four Winds

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    oil change cost

    I have a class C motorhome and I do my own oil,lub filter jobs.I think I save about $20 or so. I also do my two cars and a tractor. I keep asking myself if it is worth it or not and it is getting harder and harder to convince myself that I don"t mind. I'm 66 years old and it is not as easy as it was a few years ago. If it is a nice sunny day and I don"t kick over the oil pan or step in it I feel good about it. I try to do them all at once (I know the timing is not the same) so I can create the mess and clean it all up at the same time. As I live in a rural area there is also the consideration of driving each vehicle into town to have it done. The $60 or $70 dollars I save will fill my gas tank about half full now. :( You do have to be extra careful playing under the car like this. I never jack the m/h up. It is high enough that if I use cardboard I can get around underneath it. Good luck :)

    ARCHER Senior Member

    oil change cost

    I do my own Class A, Truck for oil changes, etc. the only problem I usually have is getting the wife/boss to hold up the front end of the MH and truck calm enough to make sure the oil drains into the pan..........ha ha ha...... :) But seriously, I do my own maintenance, except for major stuff....then I leave it to the professionals.....

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