Oil weep/leak on 2001 winnebago journey

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by ely-wp, Nov 8, 2009.

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    My wife and I are is the process of buying a 2001 winnebago journey 36GD motorhome. The rig is on a freightliner chasis and has a 330hp cat tied to a 6 speed allison 3000 transmission. I sent it to freightliner for their 120 point inspection and they a found damp oil spot s on the rear engine seal and on the output shaft of the transmission. They call it a class 2 repair code [needs attention] there is no dripping. The coach is very very nice in every way but, this oil weep bothers us. Are damp spots like this common on a rig with 57,000 mile on it? Freightliner is quoting $3,450.00 to drop the transmission and replace both seals. Is this necessary? Or will the rig go another 100,000 miles before the seals have to be replaced? We are 75 years old and have maybe 10 years of RVing left in us [We hope]. So whats a couple quarts of oil now and then?
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    Re: Oil weep/leak on 2001 winnebago journey

    How'd they see a wet spot around the engine rear seal without dropping the transmission? X-ray vision?

    I think I'd save the money and worry about it if/when it really becomes a leak.

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